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The process of understanding the impact humankind has on the ecological system of the Earth in terms of climate change, pollution and resource depletion is very complex, time consuming and dynamic. However, in recent years, it has become necessary that each of us understand how environmental issues affect us in our daily lives, how we must expand our sense of environmental responsibility and how we must learn to coexist on this fragile planet. Coming to terms with these environmental issues is now an essential part of human life. It is a lifelong process and a lifestyle, without option. And when does this process begin? It should begin in the earliest years of life, during the most significant period of human development. On this account, it is imperative that early childhood education provide exposure to an environmental curriculum that empowers our youth with the importance of improving the environment and conserving resources - a curriculum that is hands on and incorporates relevance to the reality of current environmental issues and the choices available for future sustainability.

The Stone Foundation seeks to fill the gap in "Green" early childhood education with the implementation of the Green Generation project. The Stone Foundation will expand our Green Generation project by:

  • - Constructing hoop house gardens at local schools as a "Learning Laboratory"

  • - Providing Green curricula for teacher, parent and student training

  • - Providing educational materials to foster "Green" curriculum

  • - Presenting local farmers and environmentalists as lecturers.

The goal of the Green Generation project is to educate youth through classroom instruction, collaboration and hands-on experience in horticulture, environmental sciences, conservation, nutrition, recycling, alternative energy and problem-solving.


Peppers, Tomatoes, Squash

Flat Dutch Cabbages

Youth Involvement