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changing the lives of those in need
The Stone Foundation has been involved with helping individuals and families in the poorest communities of the Americas for almost two decades. We have drawn on our collective expertise in the fields of healthcare, education and technology to promote innovative solutions for community development. Our goal is to facilitate positive and lasting change by:

Strengthening capacity for self-help
Promoting health awareness
Creating educational opportunity
Delivering relief in emergencies
Addressing discrimination

The Mission of The Stone Foundation is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities of the world. We draw on our collective expertise . . .
We sponsored a successful fund raising event, the "New Year's Eve Masquerade Gala" at Riverfront Plaza. And, we took our "2018 Jamaica Mission Trip".
We're often asked why most of our humanitarian efforts involve Jamaica, when there are those with needs closer to home. READ MORE to know why.
The Stone Foundation is extremely grateful for the generous and continued support provided by our corporate sponsors. With the help of our corporate . .

About Us

The Stone Foundation was established to help disadvantaged youth and poor communities on the island of Jamaica. We began this endeavor because Jamaica is a very unique country. Its population is uncharacteristically young, with a median age of 26. . .

Success stories

After almost two decades, we've had many success stories in communities both on the island of Jamaica and in the US. Listed here are some of the success stories we've had over the past few years. These successes were definitely due to the hard work. . .